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  1. Ark Self Storage - Macon

    4.5 of 5 stars

    6 Reviews

    1731 Keystone Street Macon, GA 31204
    3.1 miles away

    • 5 ' x 5' Unit
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    Ark Self Storage - Macon

    4.5 of 5 stars

    6 Reviews

    Ark Self Storage - Macon

    1731 Keystone Street Macon, GA 31204

    Starting at $44.00

    3.1 miles away


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The Great Baby Shower Storage Extravangza

“Hey, babe – you did make sure to book the contractors on the day after Lisa’s baby shower, right?” Melanie peered around the corner at her husband, putting full emphasis on the word ‘after.’ Her expression fell as she took in the surprised look on her husband’s face. He look down at the floor and mumbled something unintelligible. “What was that?” Melanie asked, trying to keep her tone neutral. “Uhh, when’s the shower again, hun?” Josh answered, glancing at his wife out of the corner of his eye. His expression looked hopeful, that is, until Melanie answered, “This Thursday, Josh. It’s been on the calendar for months. I’ve got decorations to set up, cookies to bake – Lisa is picking her mom up from Macon, Georgia, airport that morning. You did wait to book it until next week, right??” Josh’s face fell. His wife was going to kill him. The look on her face said as much.

“Well,” Josh ventured, “those kitchen contractors have been booked for months and they had to start this Thursday if they wanted to be done by the two week deadline.” Muttering Melanie threw up her hands, ran up the stairs, and slammed the bedroom door. Josh winced and waited for a moment. He tiptoed upstairs and leaned up against the door. Josh started to turn the knob and stopped realizing it was locked. He knocked softly, “Melanie?” “Go away Josh!” Melanie said. Even with the door between them, Josh could hear the hurt tone in her voice. Man he’d really screwed up this time. But the kitchen job had to be done – there was just no way out.

On the other side of the door, Melanie sat fuming. Lisa had been Melanie’s best friend since fourth grade, had been Melanie’s maid of honor, had Melanie a part of her wedding, and it had been Melanie’s dream for a long time to plan Lisa’s baby shower. Now with only two days to find a new place to host it, what was she going to do?!

Josh decided to go for a drive to clear his head. He had been thinking of  heading over to the Macon self storage facility to pick up a box of stuff. He had forgotten to grab it after they had loaded up the storage unit. Josh reached the storage facility parking lot and parked his car, thoughts of his earlier mess-up racing around in his head. He opened the storage unit door and looked around. This place sure was roomy. You could probably fit a whole living room in here. A whole living room. The words were imprinted on his mind. An idea came to him. It was absurd, but well, it just might work. Hopefully Melanie would approve.

Josh jumped in his car and rushed home. Flinging open the front door, he ran upstairs and told Melanie his idea. She thought he was joking at first and was angry for mocking her. But Josh protested, stating he was serious and convinced Melanie to go to the storage unit and check it out. After some serious consideration, she was on board. It was better than nothing.

Thursday rolled around and Melanie was up bright and early getting every thing ready. Around 2 o’clock the guests began to arrive and were surprised to see Melanie waiting on the porch, with construction vans parked in the driveway. Once all of the ladies had arrived and were standing in a little group outside, Melanie announced, “Well, ladies, this will be a different baby shower from any you’ve ever experienced. And first, we need to go on a little field trip. Now if you will all kindly get in your cars and follow me.” The ladies whispered and wondered what on earth was going on. Melanie waved goodbye to Josh as he smiled and winked at their little secret.

The line of cars trailed down the road until they came to a large sign that read “Macon, Georgia’s finest self storage facility would like to Congratulate Lisa on Her New Baby!” Lisa turned to Melanie in surprise and said, “Melanie, what’s going on?” Melanie just smiled and led her little group down the row of storage units until they reached Unit D54. With a flourish of her hand, she opened the door and said, “Ladies, welcome to Lisa’s baby shower.”

As the door swung open, everyone gasped. What was once a simple storage room had been transformed into a mirage of pinks and blues. Baby pacifiers and bibs decorated the walls and there were balloons everywhere. The ladies gasped in awe. “What is that delicious smell,” asked Lisa’s mother. “That, my lovely woman, is the aroma of too many chocolate treats that need to be eaten.” And with that, Melanie laughed, beckoned the rest of the ladies into the room, and closed the storage door.

Many years down the road when Lisa’s daughter had her first baby shower, Lisa gathered everyone around and told the story of “The Great Baby Shower Storage Extravangza.”

This story was inspired by the people we know, the stories we've heard, and the things that are most important in our lives.

The moral of this story is – husbands, make sure to check your wife’s calendar. And sometimes in a difficult situation you just need to think outside the box. Or in Josh and Melanie’s case, think inside the box – the storage box that is.

Thanks for reading,
The Find Storage Fast Team